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Welcome to QuoVadis Live! Support

Welcome to QuoVadis Live!'s Support homepage. If you're a first-timer, QuoVadis Live! might seem strange intially but you'll soon find it easy to use. If you''re an experienced mapper, then you shouldn't be desorientated at all. Either way, you can find answers to all of your QuoVadis Live! questions here.

Starting Up
Geolocation and area check-in
Ratings & Feedbacks

Starting Up

What is QuoVadis Live!?

QuoVadis Live! is an online free service that allows users to fully develop their Situational Awareness or geosense, as we like to call it at QuoVadis Live!, so you immediately know when something that interests you has or is coming up around the place you're at or other places of yours, where and when.

QuoVadis what?

QuoVadis Live! In latin "Quo Vadis" means "where are you going?" and pronounces "kwo-wah-dis". Therefore the question is: "where are you going now?"

How does it work?

Once you've defined geofences depending upon your account settings a notification is sent to you as soon as a contact of yours has reported a geolocation inside one of your geofences or a user has just mapped a geoevent which is to take place in one of these.

Is QuoVadis Live! available for mobile phones?

Yes it is! QuoVadis Live! is available on any mobile phone that supports internet browsing. Even the most basic ones. You don't need an expensive mobile phone to use QuoVadis Live!

Who can see my position once I've reported it?

People you are following and that are following you back - friends - can see the portion of your last reported geolocation you allow them to see. Visitors can also see through your user profile page the portion of the last geolocation you've reported and you allow them to see.

Can my position de detected?

Yes it can depending if your device is a computer or a mobile phone, software and hardware properties.

Is my privacy protected?

Yes it is. You control who can see your position and the level of precision. Thus you can decide to let your contact know your exact geolocation or only the city or country or simply have your geolocation hidden. Furthermore we don't sell or share the information submitted by our members.

I've got events coming up. Can I map them?

Of course you can! Feel free to map any geoevent you like provided it falls within our terms of service.

Does QuoVadis Live! work with Twitter?

Yes! Thus if you're following QuoVadis Live! on Twitter you can be notified via direct messages to your Twitter account whenever a contact of yours is around or a geoevent is coming up in one of your places. Which means you can be notified by text messaging through your Twitter account (please see Twitter Phone FAQ for more information about receiving text messages via Twitter). Furthermore QuoVadis Live! can automatically update your Twitter status with your geolocation as soon as you report it and also with any geoevent of yours as soon as you map it! You can also login directly from Twitter if you like. And by the way, because we're using the OAuth standard, you certainly don't need to give your Twitter user id and password away when you decide to connect your Twitter account to your QuoVadis Live! one.

How much does it cost to use QuoVadis Live! ?

The web service is free within our terms of service. In the future, we may offer a premium service or premium features, but the features you use now will always be free.

How do you make money?

We have sound ideas for revenue models and we're constantly working on our business concepts.

How do I join?

Just fill a short form on the signup page specifying username, password and email address, click the Sign Up button and up you go!

Geolocation & Area Check-In

If I want my friends to know where I am I can simply send them a text message. Tell me something new!

Of course you can. However it's nicer if you let them know with a map (specially when the place is new or they don't know it) so they can find you easily.

How do I report my current location?

That's easy: go to geolocation and click on the"Update" button in your user geolocation information panel to display the "geolocation update form" and complete it or click the "detect" button if is there.

How do I let my friends know I've just updated my geolocation?

Once your current position has been logged, a button displays allowing you to announce your new location to your friends.

Does that mean all my friends will be notified then?

That depends on their settings. For those who have areas (or geofences) setup they'll know once you have checked-in in one of those areas. Others want to be notified regarless of areas and others simply do not want to be bothered.

How do I create geofences?

Click the "Geofences" button in the geolocation page to display the "Geofences" panel. There you can create your geofences in a few clicks and set notification rules.

Does that mean I'll be notified as soon as something new happens in an area of mine?

That depends on your notification rules. You might want to be notified when there's a concert or a festival in an area or simply when a friend has checked-in in one of your areas. It's up to you!


How do I map a geoevent?

Once you've logged in you just have to follow these simple steps to map your geoevent:

  1. Click on the Map it! button on the top left of the screen next to the search input text field.
  2. The Geo Wizard guides you all to way to successfully map your geoevent.
  3. Finally, once you've entered all your geoevent information click the Add button
    and you're done! Your geoevent is now pubished!

How do I attach a movie to my geoevent?

Just enter the URL of your YouTube movie in the "YouTube Movie URL" field when you add your new geoevent or when you update it.

Can I customise the page of the geoevent I've mapped with a picture of my own?

Yes. You just have to go to your geoevents page through your account, select the geoevent whose picture is to be updated, click the "Update" button, upload your picture using the form below the map et voilá!

Can I customise the marker that pinpoints to my geoevent on the map with an image of my own?

Yes. All you have to do is to follow the procedure described in the answer above and upload your 30x30 pixels png image file using the appropriate form.

Can I embed geoevents maps in my blog?

Yes. Just copy the "embed" line of code of the geoevent's page and paste in the html code of your blog.


How do I map a geotour?

To map your geotour follow these steps:

  1. Hover the mouse over the "Account" menu option at the top right of the screen then click on "My Geotours" in the contextual menu.
  2. In your "Member Geotours" page, click on "Map a geotour" in the local menu at the right of the page above the map.
  3. In the "New Geotour" page, complete the basic info form and click the "Add" button. Once your geotour's basic information is saved, you can start adding waypoints using the "location" panel, define location types, set your options and finally publish it.

I see you have a "Filming Locations" category. What is it?

Filming Locations is a category for geotours involving the sets of a particular film where each waypoint represents a location where scenes of the movie were shot. A YouTube movie can be attached to each waypoint so the user can watch the part of the movie shot in a specific location.

And what is the "Tracks" geotour category?

"Tracks" is for autobiographical geotours in which each waypoint represents a place where events involving the subject of the auotbiography have taken place.

What are map legends?

Map legends is a convenient way to have your geotour's locations grouped by types and it enable users to select type of locations they want to see on the map. Furthermore if two or more locations of the same type are very close to each other they're represented on the map as a single marker with the number of grouped locations. This clustering allows an enhanced visibility of the geotour on the map.

How do I add a map legend to my geotour?

For each type of location you define for your geotour, a legend item is created and added to the legend of your geotour map.

Ratings & Feedbacks

QuoVadis Live! calculates user feedback scores using a 1 to 5 star system and percentages of positive, neutral and negative ratings. An event's average feedback stars, number of reviews and comments are displayed on the event's page. Similarly a business average feedback stars, number of reviews and comments are displayed on the business page.

Additionally, businesses have feedback management tools that provide a more detailed view of ratings and allow businesses to sort and respond to their feedback.

To rate an event or a business a user does not have to necessarily leave a comment.

5-star rating system:

  • Positive rating: 5 or 4 stars.
  • Neutral rating: 3 stars.
  • Negative rating: 2 or 1 stars.


I don't seem to have received my QuoVadis Live! registration confirmation email. What can I do?

(see next question below)

I don't seem to be receiving QuoVadis Live! email notifications and newsletter. What can I do?

Please check your email filters and junk mail folders for anything from QuoVadis Live!. If that doesn't resolve the issue, please check also your anti-virus and internet security software if you have any. Please also note that if your inbox is "protected" by an anti-spam service, emails will not be permitted through until you manually update your approved sender's list. In the last resort see with your ISP if there's anything wrong with the mail server.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get notified when a friend is around or an event happens in a specific area?

Go to Geolocation, click on the "Geofences" button and follow the instructions. Once you've setup your geofences, you'll be notifed by email or by direct message on Twitter or both whenever a friend of yours is in a particular area or an event of your interest happens there.

Is my geolocation systematically sent to Twitter once I update it?

No. Your geolocation is never sent to Twitter and not shared at all for as long as you want it to be hidden.

When I decide to have my geolocation not hidden, what part of it is sent to Twitter?

The geolocation sent to Twitter depends directly on your geolocation privacy settings. Thus QuoVadis Live! followers see the geolocation as it appears in your user profile page and direct messages sent to contact of yours include the geolocation as only they can see it in Geotracks when logged to QuoVadis Live.

How do I connect my account to my Twitter account?

To connect your QuoVadis Live! account to your account on Twitter so your status on Twitter can be automatically updated with any geoevent you map and any geolocation you report just follow those steps:

  1. Click on the "Account" menu at the top right of the screen
  2. In the "My Account" page click on the "Social Networks" link
  3. In the "Social Networks" settings page click the "Connect with Twitter" button et voilà!

Is it possible to login from Twitter?

Yes it is. Once you click the "Login from Twitter" on the homepage, you're taken to Twitter for authentication purposes. And once authenticated on Twitter, you'll be redirected to QuoVadis Live! where you'll be logged in.

On the Twitter authentication page it says "QuoVadis Live would like the ability to access and update your data on Twitter". What for?

It's part of the authentication process. The only time your status will be updated will be whenever you map a geoevent on QuoVadis Live! and whenever you report your geolocation (if not in hidden mode). We'll also send you direct messages whenever a geovent matching your settings arises. That's all. And by the way, since we've implemented OAuth standards you certainly don't have to give away your Twitter user id and password.

How long does it take before a geoevent I've mapped is published?

Once you've mapped it your geoevent is immediately published. However if its content is inappropriate, it will be removed by our moderators ASAP. Please remember to read QuoVadis Live! terms of service before mapping any geoevent.

Why is my current geolocation not showing on the map?

It's because for some reason it couldn't be detected. If you're using Internet Explorer try this: set the Protected Mode off and refresh the page.

What is Smart Link?

Smart Link is a link to a geoevent or a geotour which has the particularity to popup the geoevent's map or the geotour's map whenever the cursor of the mouse hovers over the link.

Do embedded maps have the same features than maps in the website?

Yes. Maps embedded in third party websites allow visitors to display accomodations nearby, airports, photos and detailed driving directions they can print too.

Can I have my logo displayed in my geoevents maps instead of the QuoVadis Live! one?

Yes. We'll be happy to send you a quote once you let us know what your needs are.

How can I connect with QuoVadis Live!?

If you want to be kept up-to-date, you have several ways to remain in the loop with QuoVadis Live!:

Haven't found what you're looking for?

Just drop us a message through our contact page and we'll get back to you ASAP.