Excalibur (1981)

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John Borman's movie Excalibur was filmed in irish sites that gives the movie this mystical atmosphere which immediately plunges the viewers in the legend of King Arthur and the Knight of the Round Table...

The geotour starts at Glendalough. There lives the Lady of the Lake who mends Excalibur and who finally keeps it... watch video clip

Zoom to waypoint no2 Derrynane on map Derrynane in County Kerry is another set where parts of the movie were filmed.

Opening movie scenes including the early battle where Arthur is made a knight while kneeling in a moat. watch video clip

The Cashel of the Kings, which once served as the traditional seat of the Kings of Munster for several hundred years, is also one of the sets of the movie.

Zoom to waypoint no1 Glendalough on map GlendaloughTo here From here
Zoom to waypoint no2 Derrynane on map DerrynaneTo here From here
Zoom to waypoint no3 Cahir Castle on map Cahir CastleTo here From here
Zoom to waypoint no4 Rock of Cashel on map Rock of CashelTo here From here
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